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Johor Petroleum Development Corporation Berhad 

Following the prioritisation of oil and gas development in Pengerang, Kota Tinggi, Johor as national project of strategic importance, Johor Petroleum Development Corporation Berhad (JPDC) was established on 9 April 2012 as a federal agency and wholly owned subsidiary of MPRC to spearhead the planning and development of the project.

In developing the region into a thriving downstream oil and gas hub, the Johor state has allocated 20,000 acres of land in the Pengerang District for Pengerang Integrated Petroleum Complex (PIPC) which accommodates PETRONAS’s Pengerang Integrated Complex that houses the USD 7 billion Refinery and Petrochemical Integrated Development (RAPID). PIPC is also home to the fast growing DIALOG-Vopak Pengerang Deepwater Terminal (PDT).

JPDC works closely with stakeholders such as the Johor state government, PETRONAS and Dialog as well as local authorities and the Pengerang communities to ensure balance and sustainable development in the region.

JPDC is given the mandate to:

  • Plan and develop strategies for the downstream oil & gas development in Johor
  • Coordinate and drive the execution of development projects
  • Identify and manage funds required for financing the downstream oil & gas development in Johor
  • Promote and market Johor’s downstream oil & gas industry to potential investors
  • Enhance inclusiveness towards an equitable society with more access to economic opportunities in PIPC
  • Ensure the availability of industry workforce to drive and sustain PIPC’s development growth

JPDC’s Vision

“To Transform Johor into a Sustainable, World-Class Downstream Oil & Gas Hub”

  • The vision is in line with the Malaysia Federal Government’s bid for Malaysia to become an important hub for oil & gas as set out in the Government’s Economic Transformation Programme (ETP)
  • JPDC will play a key role in working together with the State of Johor to realise the vision

JPDC’s Mission

  • To plan and to develop comprehensive strategy for the development of the downstream oil & gas hub in Johor taking
    into account:
    • Health, Safety, Security & Environment
    • Economic benefit
    • Social fabric
    • Human capital investment and development
    • High quality investment
  • To coordinate and drive the execution of development projects
  • To identify and manage funds required for development projects
  • To facilitate the operational follow through post-development projects

In realising the Vision, JPDC is committed to the following objectives:
  • To coordinate, facilitate, formulate and oversee the implementation of the Pengerang Integrated Petroleum Complex project in Johor

  • To be a one-stop centre for promoting, marketing, establishing linkages and networking for the Malaysian Downstream oil and gas industry in Johor
  • To create a conducive environment for Downstream oil and gas industry in Johor
  • To assist, facilitate, provide consultancy services in the development of Downstream oil and gas in Johor

Strategic cooperation and collaboration between both the Federal and State Governments is key in ensuring the success of turning the State of Johor into a Sustainable, World-Class Downstream oil and gas hub. This cooperation is reflected in the composition of the Board of Directors of JPDC with equal representation from relevant Federal and State government agencies and co-chaired by the Chief Minister of Johor and a Minister from the Federal government.

(Details on Board of Directors to be updated)

Find out more about Johor Petroleum Development Corporation by visiting their website at http://www.jpdc.gov.my/.