Our Core Values

MPRC is guided by a set of Core Values that serves as a guide for our decisions and how we conduct ourselves.

Mutual benefit for all parties.
We will generate win-win solutions for our stakeholders that will be sources of national competitiveness and sustainable growth.
Be True to Yourself and Honest with Others
We create an environment of trust by saying what we mean and meaning what we say. We are unyielding in our ethics and we take responsibility for our actions.
Every Task is an Opportunity to Add Value
We embrace every task as an opportunity to improve. We invest in the professional growth of our people. We are relentlessly focused on creating value when delivering on our mandates as nation builders.
Respect for Others will Empower Us to Shape the Future
We keep an open mind to a diversity of ideas, regardless of origin. We accept the possibility that there are better ideas than ours. We are respectful of others and their views, mindful that we are here to serve.