Malaysia Oil & Gas Overview

The Malaysia OGSE industry as a whole is undergoing a significant transformation, with OGSE companies working to reshape their business models and implement strategies to weather the storm. Their strategies to become more resilient and competitive tie closely to MPRC’s continuous efforts in developing the capabilities of the OGSE industry. In time to come, MPRC will intensify local OGSE development for global competitiveness whilst capitalising on global energy’s shift to Asia to enhance Malaysia’s position as OGSE gateway of the region.

Why Malaysia?
690,000 BBL/Day*
World’s 26th largest oil producer
BP Statistical Review 2016
Matured O&G Industry
>40 years
depth of industry experience
#1 Position
‘2017 Best Country to Invest In’
1by US-based BAV Consulting and the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania
Springboard to ASEAN & Beyond
2015 Chairman
ASEAN Economic Community
Talent Availability
engineering graduates in 2016